How to cure acne?

It’s the question I carried with me deep into my teen years of life. It was among the strongest driving forces that compelled me into holistic health, upon the lifelong journey into discovering the seemingly magical ways in which the body knows intuitively how to heal itself when given the proper stimulus.

There’s nothing as pressing for one to seek guidance with in the magnificent world of health, as a self conscious teen suffering with acne. Acne is one of those things like being overweight that rubs gravel into a wound.

You carry it everywhere you go and it’s always at the forefront, on display for the world to see.

This video and article is addressed to those who seek restoration of the radiant skin with which they seek and an everlasting boost of self confidence.

A Letter from Isaac…

Dear Shane,

I was moved by an article you wrote pertaining to acne. I myself suffer from acne. I consider it “the bane of my existence”.  Luckily, my skin issues are mostly on my back-my face does get annoying sometimes though, but nothing like my back. I haven’t felt comfortable with my shirt off for years.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a day where my literally uncomfortable acne doesn’t cross my mind. I’ve done everything. Antibiotics, creams, lasers, and I even got accutane, which I at the time was scared to take it. This all has taken a lot of time and energy. Don’t get me wrong though. I’ve grown to be a relaxed, happy, and motivated person. I’m 20, turning 21 this month, and I just don’t want acne to be in my life. How did your acne clear? And if you could offer any tips, that would be amazing. Thanks.


Thank you Isaac!

Here’s to you and countless others with skin issues looking for a cure. Watch the video and read the article now! Don’t forget to leave a comment below.

1. The Roots Make The Fruits

“It is each person’s business to accept responsibility for every adversity with which they meet, whether the adversity grows out of a cause within his control or not.”

– Napoleon Hill

Luckily, in the case of the acne you are suffering with, it’s completely in your hands the control to end your acne but first you must take 100% responsibility for creating your skin issues. It’s no one’s fault but your own, and no one’s responsibility of privilege to step up and heal it.

2. Eliminate the Poisons

From this point forward you need to be hyper-focused on seeing all the toxins you are ingesting on a regular, daily basis.

“Watch Everything That Goes Into and On Your Body”

Some of the most common of toxins that we come in contact with, that cumulatively store up and lead to acne are:

  • Deodorants and Anti-antiperspirants
  • Pharmaceutical drugs (including Advil, Tylenol, etc)
  • Antibiotic and Hormone Laced Meat
  • Pesticides on non-organic vegetables and fruits
  • Skin creams, sunscreens and hair gels
  • Toothpaste
  • Colognes
  • Pillow cases soaked in flame retardants that you sleep on 8 hours a night
  • Tap water filled with fluoride, chlorine and an average 21 pharmaceutical drugs

3. Colon/Liver Cleansing *Periodically GO Vegan and x2 the Protocol When It Gets Worse!

Renew life is a brand that’s trusted, affordable and easy as hell to use when clearing accumulated toxins out of the body.

Don’t stop your cleansing once you start experiencing symptoms for that’s when the poisons are leaving the body! Full steam ahead, and even double your dosage and intensity once you start experiencing skin flushing (redness), more acne, etc.

The poisons are taking their revenge so to speak when they leave the body.

4. Acne Cleansing Lifestyle HABITS and DIET

– Evening Primrose Oil + Chlorella
– Drink Spring Water
– Hormonal Balancing – Maca Root/Healthy Fats
– Walking and Rebounding- flush the lymphatic system
COLD Pressed Juicing – intense nutritional energy

What’s Happening to My Juice? The Truth about HPP "Raw Cold Pressed" Juices - The Raw Naked Truth

What’s Happening to My Juice? The Truth about HPP “Raw Cold Pressed” Juices – The Raw Naked Truth

5. Self Love and Self Acceptance

Perhaps most important when it comes to any area of health, and particularly so, with skin issues which play a number on one’s self confidence is to keep the mind positive and alkalized.

I recommend repeating affirmations daily in front of the mirror, writing them down with blue pen on white paper and frequently reminding yourself how much you love yourself.